Wild Chaga

by LifeBlud

$34.00 CAD

Truly 100% Wild-Harvested Canadian Chaga mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus - Sclerotia)

Sustainably from the Boreal Forest
Ultrasonic extraction at low-temperature, high-speed, for 48 hours
60ml (2 fl. oz) per bottle
3:1 dual-extract

Limited Time: $1 of every product sold will be donated to the independent PhD research of Keith Littlewood (https://keith-littlewood.squarespace.com/) regarding thyroid physiology and disease, specifically the endocrine disrupting environmental pollutants and their effect on thyroid health.

Wild Chaga contains:

- 215 Phytochemicals (phenols, antioxidants, enzymes & more)
- 29 different polysaccharide derivates
- Betulin & Betulinic acid (triterpenes)
- Phytosterols
- Beta-D-Glucans
- Melanins and other pigments
- Polyphenols
- Superoxide dismutase
- Micronutrients
- Zero toxic compounds
- Natural Vitamin D
- B vitamins
- Minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, rubidium, cesium, copper, selenium, iron, and zinc.

Wild Chaga has one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of any food.

Unique 'ultrasonic' extraction method:

Chaga's cell walls are made of chitin, a very strong naturally occurring material, that much be broken down in order to access the nutrition of the mushroom.

Traditional solvent extraction using organic ethanol, mixed with cold water, high speed friction extract. The medicinal components of Chaga include not only polysaccharides but proteins, sterols, SOD, and enzymes including catalase, peroxidase, RNAase, and DNAase, all of which are damaged or destroyed by temperatures above 180ºF. Instead of direct heat source exposure to liquid, we utilize high speed stirring at approximately 1,500 RPM for 48 hours to release and extract components using heat created by friction. This promotes molecular breakdown of chitin from cell walls while reducing any risk of medicinal compound damage from direct heat exposure.

What are the benefits of Wild Chaga?

In short; everything!
Wild Chaga is an amazing, natural supplement to someone's diet. 

Many people love it for its strong benefit on energy and the immune system, as it is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols that can only be found in plants harvested, and properly prepared, from the wild. 

Wild plants are far superior to conventionally, and even organically grown ones. They have a much higher nutrient capacity. 

Why? Because they are grown in biodiverse territory that benefits from the symbiotic lives of both animals and plants, that extract and give nutrition to one another.

There is no interference of industrial pollution, human intervention, pesticides, fertilizer, contaminated water, and so forth. 

The end result is an amazingly pure, excellent addition to your health. 


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