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Adam says: 

Most generic toothpastes are filled with harmful chemicals like fluoride, dyes, sweeteners, and more.

Most natural toothpastes are free of chemical toxins, which is great, but they are also usually glycerin based.

This is a problem because the glycerin coats the teeth, and prevents you from getting the best brush and cleaning possible. You end up basically coating the teeth with oil and brushing it around.

OregaFresh has calcium carbonate which is a cleaner/whitener, wild mint, wild oregano, wild sage, as well as rhatany root, geranium, clove bud oil, birch tree extract, eucalyptus leaf oil, and papaya extract.

It is the Rolls Royce of toothpaste. Super phenol rich, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial to support mouth and gum health. All while actually cleaning the teeth, safely and naturally.

From NAHS:

OregaFresh Toothpaste is the wild spice way to make your whole mouth feel fresh and clean, while supporting the health of the gums and teeth in every way. It is the only tooth paste of its kind—free of fluoride and all additives, yet fortified with the richest, most therapeutic plant oils and essences known. Unlike other toothpastes, OregaFresh is free of glycerin, a noxious additive linked to cavities and bleeding gums. OregaFRESH is the power of P73 wild oil of oregano, wild oil of sage, clove bud oil, birch tree extract, and eucalyptus oil, all of which support the teeth, enamel, oral mucosa, and gums. It is so concentrated you use much less.