Magnesium Bicarbonate vs. Other Magnesium Supplements

When it comes to Magnesium supplementation, Magnesium Bicarbonate is without a doubt the best.

There used to be magnesium bicarbonate in natural water sources like springs, from the runoff of the mineral rock Brucite (from which Mg Hydroxide is derived) in reaction with environmental CO2.

But due to industrial pollution, and recycled water systems, we don't have these bicarbonate salts in our water supply anymore.

The good news is that we can re-create this natural process ourselves at home, to re-mineralize our water and get the best, most absorbable form of Magnesium.

Commercial forms of Magnesium have extremely low absorption rates, and come along with negative side effects, like Mag Citrate interfering with copper absorption, which will throw Iron levels out of whack, or Mag Oxide pills containing all sorts of filler and excipients. Not a good idea, and not a smart use of money.

LifeBlud Balance is a mixture of Magnesium Hydroxide and Sodium Bicarbonate. The Sodium Bicarbonate increases cellular retention of Magnesium and therefore has an important role in the product. One bag is at minimum a three month supply. 

Making magnesium bicarbonate can be a bit more time-consuming and requires more effort, and for some it is just not feasible. That's why I created our magnesium capsule, MAG+ . You can read why it's better than other magnesium capsules on the product page. Both excellent Magnesium products, each with their own set of strengths, but, at the end of the day, consuming bicarbonate will always be my #1 recommendation.

It's great to have a bottle of MAG+ handy in addition to Balance in case you don't have time to make bicarbonate, or you want the added benefits of Taurine and Glycine, arguable two of the most therapeutic amino acids out there.

Balance vs. MAG+
Magnesium Bicarbonate vs. Other Magnesium Supplements