My Favourite Heavy Metal Chelators


The following are supplements/tools I recommend utilizing if you are trying to detox from heavy metals. Heavy metals accumulate in our bodies from various sources and contribute to all different types of disease. 

1. Magnesium

Through mineral-metal antagonism, which is the concept that minerals and the undesired metals can end up in the same binding sites. This can happen unfavourably in either mineral deficiency, or oversupply of the toxic metals.

If magnesium is the cofactor for over 40 percent of our enzymes, then that means there are a lot of binding sites that can be competed for or taken over during magnesium deficiency. This is why magnesium is my #1 choice hands down for metal chelation.

Magnesium can reduce blood and organ levels of aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, beryllium, and nickel.

2. Shilajit

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Fulvic acid converts metallic elements into forms that can either be excreted, or used by the body. Just like its function in the presense of high quality, microbe rich soil, where it converts unuseable minerals into bioavailable food for the plants, it can do the same for us. Shilajit has the benefit of fulvic and humic acid, but also that it is an intelligent, whole-food mineral complex with all of the minerals and trace minerals, including ones we don't hear about often like rubidium, molybdenum.

3. Beef Liver, shellfish, whole-food vitamin C (fruit)

This comes down first to the understanding of the copper-iron metabolism which is quite possibly much more important than hyper-focusing on the chelation of trace metals, considering the bombardment of iron in our food supply since birth. Adequate copper and Vitamin A are absolutely crucial for balancing the iron from iron fortification, and for overall thyroid and metabolic health which will optimize all of these processes.

Selenium, zinc, and iodine in whole food form present mainly in shellfish, but also organ meats are also highly beneficial for the mineral-metal antagonism mentioned in #1.

4. Raw Milk

Lactoferrin is an enyzme in raw milk that has a high binding affinity to ferric iron, which is the oxidized dangerous form of iron (rust).

Sweating in a sauna would be a great behavioural addition. I cycle living silica from bamboo on and off. I also like MSM as the sulphur compounds help facilitate detox.


My Favourite Heavy Metal Chelators