Tips for Pro-Metabolic Weight Gain

Fat gain on "pro-metabolic"is not uncommon, and I can see why. 

The 'pro-metabolic' community is not authoritarian and therefore has a lot less boundaries then more restrictive diets like vegan/keto/carnivore etc.. It emphasizes nutrient dense, high calorie animal foods that are rich in saturated fats and protein, and also the consumption of plenty of carbohydrate.

This can go sideways for a few main reasons:

1. Too much fat: staying in 25-35% of overall calorie intake is ideal. Make sure you are aware of your fat intake. Measure portions and calculate macros in cronometer if you must.

1a. Randle cycle: Consuming high fat and high carbohydrate at the same time will block the cell's use of sugar for fuel and use the fat instead, while storing the sugar as fat.

2. Large, infrequent meals: Especially when starting out, the liver won't be storing glycogen efficiently and needs to be fed more frequently, with smaller amounts of carbohydrate and protein.

3. Too much starch in a compromised system: Low metabolism and low digestion can go hand in hand. If you aren't digesting starches properly, they will ferment in the gut and cause issues like endotoxin, which drives weight gain and inflammation. Favour simple sugars like fruit, honey, syrup, cane sugar.

4. Too much too fast: Switching overnight from restrictive eating and/or a low metabolic state is not the best course of action. Increase meals and carb intake slowly and gradually to give your body time to adjust.

5. Under-eating: Both under and over eating can create a disordered or stagnant metabolism, which is why it helps to keep track of what you're eating, at least in the beginning until you get a hang of it.

This is a lifestyle that divorces the ideas of quick fixes, short term gains, and instant results in favour of long-term, sustainable benefits and balanced physiology. Be patient and make small adjustments over time. Don't expect a drastic result in 1-2 months.

Some helpful tools:

  • Magnesium: to assist energy production, hormone synthesis
  • Vitamin E: to oppose estrogen
  • Sunlight: Hormone/circadian optimization
  • Cholesterol Containing Foods: Hormone Precursor 
Tips for Pro-Metabolic Weight Gain