Graham-Stetzer Dirty Electricity Filter (Single)

by LifeBlud

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Adam says:
The original dirty electricity filters - at a good price. 

From EMF Solutions CA:

Graham-Stetzer EMF filters 
(single filter)

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Only one product has been scientifically proven to reduce dangerous, high frequency dirty electricity and hence reduce a person’s exposure to this ubiquitous form of harmful electromagnetic energy. Scientific evidence shows that by equipping a home with Graham-Stetzer filters it's possible to alleviate some of the symptoms that are commonly associated with Electrical Hypersensitivity, while at the same time protecting one's self and family from the harmful effects of EMFs. Remember Graham-Stetzer filters must be installed properly, we recommend you speak with a professional before you purchase. Call our toll free hot-line at (877) 987-5185. To help combat the negative health effects of EMFs created by dirty electricity it's recommended that the average home install a number of strategically placed Graham-Stetzer filters. See for more information.

How Many Filters do you need?

Mini-Pack: One Graham-Stezer Microsurge meter and six Graham-Stetzer filters. Enough  filters to clean up  the average bachelor, studio or one bedroom apartment.