Super Remineralizing Ozonated Tooth Putty

by LifeBlud

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Adam says: 
This is a product that I first heard of when sharing stories regarding healing cavities with Vitamin K2. It was another product that had been recommended and shared to me by many people that have had success using it. 

From Bliss Energetics: 


calcium carbonate, hydroxyapatite,
theobromine, *ozonated coconut oil,
*sesame oil,**coral, *oatstraw, teasel root, **pearl, *cardamom, *shavegrass, eucommia, hadjod, *triphala, *licorice, *anantamul, drynaria, *nettle, *arjuna, rehmannia, *slippery elm, hydroxyapatite, *clove, *rose, miswak,*manjistha, *white oak bark, *bhringaraj, *turmeric, *echinacea, *kalmegh, **shilajit, *neem *kokum butter, *castor oi

Our tooth putty is a sticky, mineral-rich spot treatment designed to strengthen weak or mineral-deficient teeth.

We use calcium carbonate as our base. Calcium carbonate is of course, a very rich mineral source.

We also use ozonated oil, which is one of the predominant treatment protocols used by holistic dentists to heal teeth and turn around tooth decay.

We add hydroxyapatite which has given many people very promising results in tooth and enamel remineralization. It is the main active ingredient used in many remineralizing pastes.

We also have now added theobromine, which is the active ingredient in another remineralizing toothpaste. It has shown in studies to be more effective than fluoride at hardening the teeth and has shown incredible potential for remineralization.

Our unique herb blend contains the herbs that we consider to be the best and most effective in the world to help heal the bones and teeth. We searched and found the best from Western Herbalist, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine and blended them in an absorbable way.

We use herbs that are known to support bone healing, reduce pain and inflammation, and support dental health. 


Melt the putty in your fingers so that it is the consistency of glue. If you want, you can dry the tooth off first, that will help it gain some traction- this isn’t totally necessary though, so play around with what works for you! You want to really RUB the putty back and forth on the spot. Rubbing will create traction and help it stick! Play around with it and get a feel for it, but you are putting a layer of “glue-like” substance over unhealthy/ demineralized teeth!

You can leave it on as long as you like. Generally, I recommend doing it overnight and just taking it off when you brush your teeth. All ingredients are food-grade so safe to swallow (except if allergic of course).

You *may* feel some sensations in your teeth like pulsating/ throbbing initially which is the tooth reacting to the herbs- this is a good thing! You do not want to feel any actual pain, this is an indication of allergy and you should stop using and ask for a refund! Ultimately, your teeth should feel MUCH less sensitive upon use, with a possible initial period of some sensitivity.