What does 'bioenergetic' mean? 

Bioenergetic is the perspective that views humans as energy dependent organisms, and that all structure and function is reliant on the production and utilization of energy. 

This perspective is inspired by the works of Dr. Raymond Peat, Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Otto Warburg, Gerald Pollock, Gilbert Ling, and others. 

All of the LifeBlud products are designed with two main goals:
1. Supporting, improving, and optimizing energy production at the biological level
2. Sourcing the highest quality materials on the market, and formulating them with no filler, and the cleanest and most beneficial ingredient list possible.

Bioenergetics provide a holistic view of the body in the sense that it follows the concept that all physical dysfunction can be corrected through reparation of the energy production. This is because every cell, at every location, organ, and tissue in the body requires energy to perform its functions. Damage, dysfunction, and disease can all be seen as cellular energy impairments at a certain location in the body. These could be caused by a countless number of things, but can be remedied by restoring the energy production. 

The energy currency of the human body is called ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. So whether you are taking Magnesium which is always bound to ATP as it gets used by the body as MgATP, or using Repair to restore electron flow in the mitochondria, or taking Antidote to help the cells use oxygen better, the goal is to be maximizing the efficient production of ATP.