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Magnesium Hydroxide with Sodium Bicarbonate
for the purpose of making Magnesium Bicarbonate.
3 month supply minimum - 120g total weight.

Each bag contains: 

Magnesium Hydroxide: 80g
Potassium Bicarbonate: 20g
Sodium Bicarbonate: 20g

Serving size: 1 measured scoop (1 tsp/2g).
See details on how to make your own Magnesium Bicarbonate solution below.

What is Magnesium Bicarbonate?

Magnesium bicarbonate is the most natural form of Magnesium. It is only found in liquid form, and it is the most bioavailable and absorbable form of magnesium to humans. (Despite what the flashy marketing says on some of the magnesium products these days).

Traditionally, we would all be getting Magnesium Bicarbonate in our water supply from: springs, wells, rivers, lakes, and aquifers. Water is, by design, our main Magnesium source. There are small amounts in certain foods, but not enough to meet our body's demands. 

Magnesium Bicarbonate in nature would be created by the reaction between Magnesium hydroxide, and atmospheric carbon dioxide. Magnesium hydroxide would naturally make its way into the water systems by runoff from the mineral Brucite, which is found in different rocks, marbles, and stones. 

In today's world, we no longer have these bicarbonate salts in our water. Mass amounts of air pollution from refineries, cargo ships, burning fuels, and so forth create hundreds of millions of tonnes of Sulfur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide aerosols blanketing the earth. They eventually fall back down with the rain, in the form of Sulfuric and Nitric acid.

These acidic compounds neutralize a large portion of the alkaline bicarbonate molecules in our springs, lakes, and soil, decimating their mineral content. Combined with drinking recycled water that is chemically sterilized with things like chlorine, chloramine, sodium fluoride, and hydrofluorosilicic acid, we have never had access to our natural primary Magnesium source for our entire lives. 

The purpose of LifeBlud Balance is to recreate this process found in nature. By mixing Magnesium Hydroxide into cool, carbonated water, we can create Magnesium Bicarbonate by ourselves to begin replenishing this essential electrolyte that we have been deficient in our entire lives.

Magnesium is also used up and depleted at higher rates through physical and emotional stress, alcohol consumption, excessive sweating, and chronic exposure to non-native electromagnetic frequencies (WiFi, 4G/5G, Bluetooth). These things increase our Magnesium requirements above the 'RDA'. 

Chronic Magnesium deficiency can manifest itself in many ways. Some examples:

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle cramps
  • Weight gain (inability to use carbohydrates properly)
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart palpitations
  • Heart disease
  • Calcification

Addressing this lifelong deficiency should be the first step in creating health from the ground up. It is essential, foundational, and in complete alignment with nature.

For more information on Magnesium and its functions in the body, head over to the "Learn" section of the website.


1. Start with 1L of cooled, carbonated water. This can be from a sodastream, or a store bought bottle. 

2. Add 1 tsp (included scoop) of LifeBlud Balance powder into the water bottle, and tighten the cap as quickly as possible. 

3. Shake for ~1 minute, and then return to the fridge.

4. After 30 mins to 1 hour, shake again. The more times you repeat this step, the better your end product will be. 

5. Once the solution is settled and clear, you have your own Magnesium Bicarbonate. Drink the clear solution only, and any residual powder can be left at the bottom of the bottle. 


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    Great product. Easy to make. Mom of 4 small kids who needs an easy way to get mag in. Makes your water taste fresh, and yes that’s a thing :)

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    Great product pure. No product like this in New Zealand

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    Powerful, Potent & Affordable

    Great value for money & a powerful product for replenishing Magnesium daily. A great and necessary addition to your supplement stack.

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