BioLight™ - Full Spectrum Light

by LifeBlud

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Adam says: I really like what BlockBlueLight has done with their lighting section. These bulbs, as well as the recessed/downlight/potlights they have are a host of great products. Lighting is one of my #1 components to a healthy, healing home environment. These lights have three settings to ensure you get the right spectrum of frequencies, at the right times of day to optimize your circadian rhythm. They are all zero flicker, which is one of the most important qualities of a light. I plan on filling my house with the recessed downlights.

From BlockBlueLight:

The worlds first Day to Night full spectrum light bulb! Bring the outdoors inside with the BioLight full spectrum light. Dawn to Dusk feature gives you 3 light bulbs in one. Low EMF and Flicker Free.

FULL SPECTRUM DAY MODE: Promotes positive mood, increases stable energy and sense of wellbeing. Replicates natural sunlight.

MIXED MODE: Provides a warm low blue light option which replicates the same light during sunrise and late afternoon / sunset

NIGHT MODE: 100% no blue light sleep friendly amber light, warm and relaxing candle light feel.

BioLight™ is the first biological friendly Full spectrum light bulb technology of its kind to appear anywhere in the world.

It’s the most advanced technology BlockBlueLight has ever developed; The worlds first Day to Night Full Spectrum light bulb! Bring the outdoors inside with the BioLight™ full spectrum light.

The BioLight™ has 3 modes to provide optimal lighting all day, and all night. It is equipped with 3 different modes that can be changed to align with the different light phases of the sun from sunrise to sunset.

By turning the light off and on at the light switch it will initiate a mode change, no remotes needed, no wifi controls, just a simple off and on from the existing light switch.

Our Full Spectrum BioLight is also available as a recessed downlight.

- Colour temperature: 4000k / 2100k / 1800k

- Brightness: 700lm

- Colour rendering index (CRI): >99

- Input voltage: 110 -265v 50/60Hz

- Power consumption (watts): 8w

- Size: 70mm x H130mm

- Base: E26/E27 (screw) or B22 (bayonet)

- Certifications: CE, ROHS, SAA, RCM

- Life: 30,000 hours