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Penetrating red light is possibly the fundamental anti-stress factor for all organisms. The chronic deficiency of such light is, I think, the best explanation for the deterioration which occurs with aging. Enzyme changes, free radical changes, structural and respiratory changes are all involved as consequences of darkness stress.” – Ray Peat, PhD.

Red & Near-Infrared light therapy device

Zero flicker, ultra-low EMF

660 nanometers & 850 nanometers with independent switches for 3 different light modes.

Limited Time: $5 of every Relax unit sold will be donated to the independent PhD research of Keith Littlewood ( regarding thyroid physiology and disease, specifically the endocrine disrupting environmental pollutants and their effect on thyroid health.

Stimulate your mitochondrial energy production, regulate your circadian rhythm, balance out all your blue light exposure from phones/computers, and induce deep relaxation.


- Dual-wavelength, 660nm red light, 850nm near infrared light
- Ultra-low EMF! (tests included in product images)
- Zero flicker rate
- Built in metal stand
- Sturdy metal frame
- 3 settings - red & infrared light, red light only, infrared light only (infrared light is invisible to the naked eye)


13" x 8.5" x 2.5"


10 cm - 152.99 mw/cm2
15 cm - 108.07 mw/cm2
20 cm - 91.71 mw/cm2
25 cm - 88.92 mw/cm2
30 cm - 88.27 mw/cm2
50 cm - 74.34 mw/cm2
60 cm - 67.14 mw/cm2
100 cm - 40.98 mw/cm2
150 cm - 30.51 mw/cm2

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