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Adam says: This is what I use as an all-purpose surface cleaner. Its derived purely from Thyme oil and is extremely powerful. It has similar properties to Oregano Oil as it is a monoterpene from Carvacrol. Its natural, safe, and cost effective. 


From Dr Thym:

Hard surface disinfectant & Cleaner 4L
DIN 02498669 & Manufactured in Canada
Kills 99,99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi
Ingredients : Thymol (a component of thyme oil), 0.23 % w/w. Non-irritating & non-toxic formula.
Ecologo product. More than 98% of ingredients from renewable sources. Biodegrades easily. No chlorine or ammonia

How our product works

DR Thym is made up of thymol molecules which are extracted from thyme oil, known to have antiseptic characteristics for millennia. It is through a rigorous scientific process that our non-toxic disinfectant has been formulated to be as effective as traditional disinfectants, yet a lot safer for the user’s health.

Social responsibility
DR Thym takes a very engaged stance on social responsibility, more precisely the environment sphere. More than 98% DR Thym ingredients are from renewable sources. Our product is certified ecologo, meaning it meets strict environmental standards that reflect through the entire life cycle from manufacturing to disposal (including packaging).

How to use it
The most effective way to use DR Thym is to apply the product to a cloth and simply wipe the surface. Contact time: 3 minutes to disinfect, 30 seconds to sanitize. DR Thym can also be used as a regular cleaner. There is no obligation to rinse the product except for food contact surfaces.

A few other companies also offer thymol base products but they use significantly lower thymol concentration (0.05% w/w) compared to DR Thym (0.23% w/w). Similar products therefore require a 10 minutes contact time instead of 3 minutes for DR Thym. Because we decided to offer a product that disinfects significantly faster than other similar options on the market, the fragrance might be slightly stronger while applying or spraying DR Thym. Although many people enjoy the natural smell of the product, we wanted to indicate that the smell usually goes away within 10-20 minutes and poses absolutely no risk to your health.
We have made the conscious choice of adding a very minimal amount of fragrance in order to keep the product as close as possible to a natural solution derived from plants.