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Wild Canadian Pine Pollen

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I really love this stuff. When I take it I really notice an increase in vitality, energy, and what really does feel like an androgen boost. Its amazing to take when you have lots to do, especially physical activity, ideally outside in nature. It really makes me feel like getting a lot of stuff done, which to me is the true sign of 'high T'. I've tried other cheap Pine Pollen products that come nowhere near to this one in taste, smell, and effect. You really get what you pay for here. 

With all plant products: wild is the gold standard. Wild harvested products that are grown naturally in biodiverse land are truly the best when it comes to phytonutrients.
These guys harvest their pine pollen sustainably in untouched forests of Western Canada from Lodgepole and Ponderosa pine trees. They actually don't crack the cell wall - which is a marketing term that a lot of other Pine Pollen companies like to sell on, as they say it increases oxidation and rapid nutrient loss. Its unheated, and very minimally processed.

Beyond the phytoandrogens, or brassinosteroids, Pine Pollen also has a full spectrum amino acid profile, tons of antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Although a vast majority of the men desperately need this product today, it would also be beneficial for women to take as well. The tincture is my favourite. 

From Canadian Pine Pollen Co.: 

Canadian pine pollen is unlike any other; we bring this powerful substance to you as it's found in nature, meaning we do not crack the cell wall. Breaking the cell wall dramatically enhances oxidation (how quickly the pine pollen loses nutritive value). Our pine pollen is tree to jar - just as nature intended. 

Pine Pollen contains fatty acids, 20+ amino acids, 14 vitamins, 24 minerals, 18 active enzymes, phytoandrogens, and more! Pine pollen's potential health benefits include enhanced immunity, anti-aging effects, lowered blood fat, improvement of digestion, strengthening of coronary arteries, increased vascular strength, increased energy/endurance, enhanced brain function, weight loss, heightened agility, healthier skin/hair/nails, improved moods, balanced hormone levels, detoxification, and elevated liver health.

The use of pine pollen dates back millennia, with its use as medicine first documented in the Xin Xiu Ben Cao (Tang Materia Medica), written in 657 C.E. and widely regarded as the first official Materia Medica of China. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pine pollen is a liver, spleen, kidney, heart, and lung tonic - explaining its far-reaching, broad-spectrum health benefits.

Japanese pine pollen studies have demonstrated anti-aging effects, such as the reversal of graying hair as well as regrowing hair lost due to age. Pine pollen also holds a special status as a beauty aid and may lighten scars and other blemishes. 

At Canadian Pine Pollen Co., we wild-harvest and fair-trade this one of a kind forest food. We handpick our pollen from the most pristine forests in all of western Canada. Additionally, our protocols for sustainable harvesting are stringent, and the gold standard in wild forest management. Try our pine pollen and feel the difference!

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