My top Ray Peat-Inspired Nutritional Concepts

There is no one I've come across in the past 10 years studying holistic health who has created a more complete nutritional paradigm than Dr. Ray Peat, or likely even close.

But, of course, that doesn't mean everything he said is perfect and that his words should be followed blindly. Actually, he encouraged the exact opposite with his quote "perceive, think, act".

These were some of MY biggest takeaways from listening to him and reading his work for years, mostly focusing on practical and applicable nutritional concepts. If you have other significant takeaways from his life and work I would love to hear about them, send me an email at

1. Amino Acid Balance 🥩

Ray deeply understood the importance of amino acids and discovered their deep connection to hormones and metabolism in his research.

He observed and highlighted the issue of the average modern diet, which contains a severely out-of-balance amino acid profile favoring cysteine, methionine, and tryptophan and deficient in glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and others.

This problem stems from the overconsumption of muscle meats and grains and the lack of nose-to-tail animal-food eating. 

My Applicationgrass-fed collagen powder daily, eat gelatinous meats often (osso bucco, oxtail, bone broth, ribs), monthly organ meats.

2. Omega 3's & Sat to Unsaturated Fat Ratio 🥑

Ray provided the most in-depth explanations and education surrounding fatty acids of anyone I have encountered in this space. Before his work made massive waves in alt health, we had the generic 'good fats' and 'bad fats'.

He exposed Omega 3's for exactly what they are as anti-metabolic, highly unsaturated fats that do not facilitate human well-being. He also educated us on the dangers of the Omega-6 PUFA'which has since spiraled into the anti-seed oil revolution that has been growing in recent years.

Instead of propagating fear, and knowing that there are small amounts of Omega 3's in many health-promoting animal proteins, he highlighted that the saturated to unsaturated fat ratio in our diet was important to pay attention to since we can not avoid all PUFA completely.


Minimize/eliminate omega-3 supplements, seed oils, etc.

3. Calcium:Phosphorus Ratio 🧀

Ray highlighted the Ca:P ratio whenever he had the chance. His passion for dairy as the most bioavailable calcium source is surely in part responsible for the renaissance of raw/organic/grass-fed milk in the alt-health world which was previously overtaken by alternative milks and saw dairy as evil.

He emphasized that a calcium-deficient state, not excess, is a primary cause of stress, osteo issues, and calcification, as the body will pull calcium from the bones to raise blood calcium. High P:Ca intake creates the same effect (5+:1).

My Application: aim for 1g calcium a day via 1L milk, 250g cheese, yogurt, pearl powder, well-cooked greens (typically a combo of the above).

4. Eliminating Sugarphobia 🍨

Ray broke the 'sugar is poison' spell and added tons of context for how we view carbohydrates specifically in regards to sucrose, fructose, and glucose.

He explained the biochemistry of how sugar (glucose) is the center of the metabolism, and many things labeled as 'sugar' (donuts, candy, etc) contained many other anti-metabolic toxins and were not the reason for causing health issues.

My Application: sugarmaxx every day

5. Fiber to Detox Excess Estrogen 🥕

The raw carrot salad has gone viral in the online health world and for good reason. I'll personally extend this concept beyond the carrot. Many insoluble fibers have the ability to bind to recirculating toxins in the gut.

Very importantly, the liver will eliminate toxins via the bile such as excess estrogen, fat-soluble toxins, or excess cholesterol. It is important to bind this bile up with fiber, to ensure it is eliminated and not recirculated into the bloodstream.

My Application: daily consumption of fibers such as oatmeal, beans, carrots, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

6. The Harms of Unregulated Estrogen 🫃

Ray dedicated most of his work to studying the endocrine system and specific hormones. Mainly thyroid, progesterone, and estrogen.

He taught us that estrogen is the hormone of growth, proliferation, and water retention among other things. When it is necessary (eg: pregnancy), it is a good thing to have the right amounts of it. When unregulated or in excess due to environmental toxins, obesity (via aromatase), PUFA intake, and liver and gut issues, then excess estrogen becomes indicative of a very dysfunctional body, and may even contribute to certain cancers.

My Application: stay lean, consume aromatase inhibitors, heavy focus on liver health and detox.

7. Live a Fulfilling Life 🏄

It's easy to stay deep in the weeds of biochemistry and scientific physiology when studying Ray's legacy.

We need not forget how he emphasized that a life of enjoyment and fulfillment is required to connect all the pieces of the puzzle together and to facilitate a well-functioning endocrine system.

He more or less understood stress to be the main disruptor of good healthHe was a great painter and would likely have called painting one of his greatest health promoters.

My Application: follow my passions and hobbies, enjoy the bounties of nature.

8. Animal Based Superfoods 🦪

Ray saw the nutrient density of certain animal foods as next to none. He recognized their high vitamin and mineral content, in combination with the high bioavailability, and lack of nutrient-inhibiting compounds.

He recommended 'occasional' liver and oysters, or a small to moderate portion of them once a week.

The importance of Vitamin A as a thyroid precursor was not understated, and the mineral density from oysters was the main highlight. He never recommended overconsumption of these foods or eating liver for breakfast lunch and dinner.

His daily nutrient powerhouses would be from dairy, eggs, collagenous meats, and seasonal fruit.

My Application: include all the above foods in my dietary rotation or supplement with  Nutrimal  beef liver & oyster capsules. 

9. Energy & Structure ☀️

His marquee quote "Energy and structure are interdependent, at every level" means so much to me.

This quote enlightens me and provides the foundation for what I believe 'true bioenergetics' to mean which really points to how all of biology and life works.

Energy facilitates structure, and structure facilitates energy.

My top Ray Peat-Inspired Nutritional Concepts