Circadian Lightbulb

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Adam says: The Healthy Home Shop of course is my business and so I may be biased, but the products are truly some of my most prized creations and greatest obsessions as of late. Our Circadian Lighting products including the bulb and the ceiling lights, with 3 color temperature settings, are such an amazing addition to the home. We developed them to bring circadian friendly, flicker free, and blue-light free lighting into harmony with modern design and tastefully styled homes.

Single frequency lighting (yellow/red/orange) can look really tacky, and up until now there have been no options that can be recessed in ceiling which also provide zero-blue light settins, and are flicker free. 

From The Healthy Home Shop: 

Standard screw-in lightbulb with 3 color temperature settings to simulate natural daylight, sunset, and campfire lighting throughout your home. Controllable via on/off switch. 

This revolutionary lighting design allows you to fully equip your home with circadian-friendly light, without compromising style or having tacky looking fixtures, bulbs, or single frequency yellow or red lights.

The Circadian Lightbulb is a 70A standard screw-in lightbulb with an E26 base.

Healthy Home flicker-free Lighting is designed for circadian rhythm regulation, nervous system balancing, and sleep optimization.

Our upgraded LED technology produces flicker-free light. Our 3 light settings can be easily toggled through by turning the existing light switch off and on.

Our 3 color settings:

Daylight: 2700K. Full spectrum light to emulate daylight sun. Energizing and stimulating.

Sunset: 2100K. Warm amber hue, emitting less blue and green light. Gentle but illuminating.

Campfire: 1600K. Fiery glow. Zero blue light. Relaxing and sleep promoting.

Say goodbye to your house looking like a chicken coop, biohackers!

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