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Based in Canada. Domestic shipping in both CAN and USA. Free shipping to Canada and USA over $100 local currency.
Based in Canada. Domestic shipping in both CAN and USA. Free shipping to Canada and USA over $100 local currency.
Based in Canada. Domestic shipping in both CAN and USA. Free shipping to Canada and USA over $100 local currency.

Why take vitamin E?

Vitamin E is often overlooked but boasts tremendous benefits in the body for not only healing and restoring imbalances but also protecting us from and preventing future damage from stressors such as oxidization, that we face on a daily basis.

Here are some notable benefits of taking Vitamin E:

Lowers excess estrogen: Vitamin E helps regulate estrogen levels in the body, preventing hormonal imbalances.

Decreases oxidative stress: By neutralizing free radicals, Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress and protects cells from damage.

Prevents lipid peroxidation: Vitamin E prevents the oxidation of fats in the body.

Decreases and reverses markers of biological aging: Vitamin E helps combat age-related skin issues like age spots, wrinkles, and skin discolouration.

Protects from cell damage: The antioxidant properties of Vitamin E protect cells from damage caused by environmental factors and toxins.

• Helps cells utilize oxygen and create energy more efficiently: Vitamin E improves cellular respiration, enhancing energy production.

Protects from damage caused by high PUFA foods: Vitamin E counteracts the harmful effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) found in fried foods and seed oils.

Improves insulin resistance: Vitamin E plays a role in improving insulin sensitivity.

Supports fertility: Vitamin E is essential for reproductive health and can improve fertility in both men and women.

Excess Estrogen

Vitamin E is one of our primary, natural tools to reduce excess estrogen. 

We live in an unbalanced world, and currently, we get exposed to a lot of substances that increase estrogen in the body, such as: 

• polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA)
• industrial air pollution & exhaust
• plastic exposure
• chemical hand/body/hair soaps, detergents & house cleaning products
• chemicals in unfiltered water
• agricultural herbicides/pesticides/fertilizers in our food supply and even some animal products if they are fed moldy grain.

Because we get exposed to many of these on a regular basis, we need a tool to tip the scales in the other direction. That tool is Vitamin E and its function as an aromatase inhibitor.

Utilizing Oxygen

Vitamin E is a major antioxidant that helps the cells use oxygen, by protecting against the damaging effects and byproducts of oxidized polyunsaturated fats, iron, and other oxidative stress-inducing compounds.

This interaction can assist us in:

• reducing skin aging
• more stable energy levels
• lowering stress
• a greater ability to use carbohydrates efficiently as energy
• improvement of macular degeneration
• healing burns or wounds / reducing scarring

These improvements are due to vitamin E's capability of rebalancing hormones/reducing excess estrogen as an aromatase inhibitor and protecting our cells from free radical damage. 

Why not just eat whole-food sources? The context.

In nature, most food sources that are high in PUFA also contain Vitamin E as an antioxidative protective factor. Therefore one could say that we could just get our Vitamin E from those foods.

However, at our time in history, the food supply is inundated with vegetable and seed oils which are essentially highly concentrated PUFA isolates, and totally void of vitamin E. Many of us have been consuming these oils in large quantities our entire lives as they are in tons of food products such as commercial breads, cakes, muffins, cereal, chips, in the vast majority of restaurants, you name it.
This creates a context where we could seriously use a Vitamin E isolate to help tip the scales back and reverse the Vitamin E deficiency caused by high PUFA intake. 

The Antidote(s)

Most Vitamin E products are in a base of Soybean, or Sunflower oil (PUFA), which means you're taking in more of the poison along with the antidote. 

We offer two versions of our Vitamin E product.

Both products are:

• Naturally sourced Vitamin E mixed tocopherols.
• Molecular-distilled extraction method. Meaning the tocopherols are extracted using a distillation, and are completely free of any chemicals/solvents/and extreme heat.
• In a non-PUFA oil base.
• No filler, no unnecessary (chemical) ingredient 

Antidote is encapsulated in an organic olive oil base, while Antidote v2 is a liquid form, with a MCT oil base.  You can learn more about each on the product pages.

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