Metabolic Health & Masculinity: Nutritional Foundation, Hormone Balance, Motivation

Women we work with frequently ask us how they can help the men in their life pursue metabolic healing. Do the same principles apply? Should men approach nutrition differently than women? We have been wanting to bring you a discussion all about pro-metabolic health for men, and we knew that Adam of LifeBlud would be the perfect guest to share his story. In this episode, we discuss establishing a strong nutritional foundation to support both male and female bodies according to their individual design. Adam shares practical and attainable strategies for men who are getting started on a metabolic health journey. And make sure to stay through the end of this episode to hear Adam’s profound insight into why it is so important for men to access their intrinsic motivation when making these lifestyle changes.

Join us as we discuss:
- Adam’s evolution from the party life to raw veganism to a pro-metabolic approach to wellness
- What we can gain from our progression through extreme dieting phases
- Does the approach to balancing male hormones differ from the approach to balancing female hormones?
- The physical changes in appearance that manifest in male and female bodies as a result of increasing metabolic health
- Examining the current cultural attitude towards gender roles, family, procreation and its impact on upcoming generations
- Practical tips for men on incorporating attainable metabolic principles into your daily rhythm
- The importance of identifying your intrinsic motivation as a man to take control of your health
- The beautiful interplay of male and female strengths in relationships
- A discussion of learned helplessness and how women can support their men in the pursuit of health
- Practical strategies for men who desire to prioritize quality nutrition but are away from home a majority of the day
- Supporting your nutritional foundation with supplements
- The power of methylene blue in targeting a variety of health concerns in men, women, and children
- Tips for boosting testosterone naturally