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4" Recessed Circadian Light

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Adam says: This is a home lighting product that can be wired into your ceiling, above your drywall, and is a 1:1 replacement for many of the slim panel/wafer style LED recessed ceiling lights found in most new build/new reno homes these days. We are extremely happy with this product, and it is an absolute game changer when it comes to your home lighting. Flicker free, and with 3 circadian friendly settings, the warmest setting emitting no blue light whatsoever. These lights are the true health enthusiasts home lighting solution, as they intertwine style with health focused function. I have them all throughout my house. 

From The Healthy Home Shop: 

Recessed ceiling light with 3 color temperature settings to simulate natural daylight, sunset, and campfire lighting throughout your home. Canless, and slim panel.

Controllable via wall switch. Leave the light off for more than 8 seconds and light will revert to the last setting that was on.

This revolutionary lighting design allows you to fully equip your home with circadian-friendly light, without compromising style or having tacky looking fixtures, bulbs, or single frequency yellow or red lights.

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