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Foaming Liquid Hand Soap - Classic

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Adam says: This is probably my favorite Healthy Home soap. All Healthy Home soaps are made from organic, low-PUFA oil bases, which is amazing. It foams up perfectly for hand washing, and the smell is subtle but just present enough to light up the senses. Its extremely pleasant and luxurious. Will definitely be sitting next to my sink for the foreseeable future. 

From The Healthy Home Shop:

Natural Foaming hand soap made with organic oils of coconut, olive, and jojoba as the soap base.

Gently scented with orange and cedarwood.

The Classic is very gently scented with the essential oils of orange and cedarwood. Our soaps are simple, gentle, and elegant. We strive to keep the ingredient lists as minimal as possible, while maximizing effectiveness and enjoyability.

Above all else, prioritizing all natural and organic ingredients.

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