ZenCleanz One Intestinal Detox

by LifeBlud

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Adam says:  I really did not know what to think about this product until I tried it for myself. After seeing what came out of me as a result of this cleanse, and my general feelings beginning days afterward of better digestion, less bloating, more vitality and energy, and a slight lightness, I now really recommend that most people perform this at least once. It is not cheap, but if a person can afford it, I really do think it is worth the cost. I haven't seen any detox protocol or program that can help a person release this type of intestinal buildup, especially in such a short period of time (1 day). 


From ZenCleanz:

“ONE” is the ZenCleanz flagship kit. “ONE” is a revolutionary intestinal mucoid plaque intestinal and colon cleanse that has the power to clear intestinal plaque from the body in ONE DAY. This power-packed fermented enzyme cleanse contains only all natural and organic ingredients, including our liquid Ambrosia, Intestinal Management powder, and Fiber Crystals. Together, these enzymes help clear the body of long-term intestinal plaque: the contributory source of all illness. ONE discharges old waste, absorbs toxins from the intestinal walls, helps regulate and restore intestinal flora, and improve immunity.

The mucoid plaque cleanse takes one day to perform: by taking the kit’s enzymes at timed intervals throughout the day. Self-care protocols are also included in the day’s schedule. The cleanse has a schedule and system, to help you release intestinal plaque safely and successfully. Mucoid plaque releases are typically seen the following day. Note: keeping a liquid diet for a few days after this cleanse helps you release more mucoid plaque.

We recommend this cleanse to everyone over the age of 8 years old. ONE will especially help those with digestive issues, fatigue, abnormal metabolism, weight issues, and everyone who has unhealthy dietary habits.