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Somavedic - Vedic

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Adam says: 
I've been really enjoying this since I got it. I have it next to my computer and I feel it brings some harmonic energy to the room. I place my water next to it and feel a more 'coherent' texture in the water. A very interesting device. 

From Somavedic: 

Vedic has a completely updated core with a new composition of minerals that we have worked on for a long time. Plus, the whole inside of the handmade corpus is silver-plated. Making Vedic 50% stronger than our previous bestseller Medic Green Ultra.

  • Suitable for larger properties, households as well as hospitals, clinics, doctor´s offices, and massage and cosmetic salons.
  • Emits less light in dark environments, supporting circadian cycles
  • New stone composition for stronger space harmonization and less oxidative stress
  • Silver-plated corpus for even more powerful emanation

Elimination of influences: 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, geopathic zones (stress), free radicals

Environment: Hospitals, clinics, bio-resonance centers, schools, shopping malls, airplanes as well as regular family and multigenerational houses, apartments in cities and, properties close to cell-phone towers.

The new Somavedic Vedic is the go-to model for its all-in-one properties. If you consider buying the first piece from our #Somavedic offer, we believe that Vedic will be the right start to living a better life.

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