Supplements for Fall and Winter

As we move toward fall and winter (in the northern hemisphere), it can be helpful to tailor your supplementation strategy to support our bodies with the change of season. ⁠

Cooler weather and decreased sunlight time outside can impact our health and make us more prone to illness, low energy, and decreased mood. The change of seasons may also stimulate a detoxification reaction in the body, which presents as an acute illness, and assisting our body's detox mechanisms can be extra valuable. ⁠

These tools can help you stay feeling your best:

1. Methylene Blue (? MB)

MB is what we call the ‘Swiss army knife’, as it can benefit a huge array of issues or health concerns, one of them being cold/flu prevention or recovery.

When you feel sickness coming on, a couple of drops of MB can help the body stimulate the energy production it needs to heal and prevent worsening symptoms. 

If you are already sick, taking it daily may speed up recovery time substantially.

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2. Theanine (Thea)

If you’re back to work or school, or simply looking to maintain or boost your alertness and focus, without the caffeine crash or anxiety as we shift into the new season, supplementing the amino acid Theanine may be for you.

L-Theanine is typically known for its benefits on focus, relaxation, memory, and calm alertness, and can also reduce stress and have anti-depressive, mood-elevating effects. 

3. Chaga Mushroom (Wild Chaga)

Chaga mushroom contains very potent anti-oxidants and polyphenols that can prevent colds or illnesses, or speed up recovery when sick by reducing inflammation, regulating cytokine production, and fighting off free radicals. 

The high concentration of beneficial compounds assists the body’s detoxification process, to help you bounce back or maintain your health during the colder months.


4. Red and NIR Light (Relax)

As fall and winter approach, red light therapy becomes much greater in value as many of us have less available sunlight, and typically spend most of our time indoors, and likely looking at screens. 

On those long indoor days especially, it is really helpful to have a high-intensity red light supplement that you can use to nourish your body with the healing frequencies and potent bright light which helps support our circadian rhythm, balance out blue light, and promote energy and a better mood.

As always, ensuring you're getting enough sleep and eating nourishing foods is imperative to wellness, especially as our bodies move into winter mode. Eating more hearty, warming foods and drinks, getting your morning sunlight, and keeping your body moving can go a long way.


Supplements for Fall and Winter